How Do I Get Pregnant

How Do I Get Pregnant

Do you remember when we were young and our parents or guardians would discourage us from having sex in the name that we would become pregnant if we did? Which actually makes me wonder, is this something that every kid was told or it was only a gospel spread among girls? Coz as we all know, it is only women who are capable of carrying a pregnancy, right? Could this be the reason why boys always jumped on to sex the minute they hit puberty? Coz they knew they couldn’t become pregnant? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

On to what I really wanted to talk to you about today, how do I become pregnant? Contrary to popular belief, we do not become pregnant just by having sex. If that were the case, then I think humans would have literally filled the planet by now. There are quite a number of factors that must be in place for a pregnancy to occur in a woman. For starters, a girl must’ve hit puberty for her to be able to conceive. Pregnancy occurs when a man’s sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg. Fertilization usually takes place in the fallopian tube but with technology came other ways of doing this.

The natural way of becoming pregnant is through having unprotected sex during your ovulation. For women who have a regular period (21-35 days), ovulation usually occurs on the 14th day of your cycle. A cycle begins on the 1st day of your period and usually lasts for an average of 28 days. If the first day of your period is on the 5th, then high chances are that you will be ovulating on the 18th and so if you have ‘raw’ sex on this day and a man ejaculates inside your vagina, you are most likely to get pregnant. However, different factors such as a change in your environment, shifts in moods and what-not may play a role in bringing your ovulation date closer or push it farther. So in the same cycle, your ovulation week will fall between 15th and 21st, meaning that you can fall pregnant in any of these days. The other days are considered to be safe days because chances of becoming pregnant during this period are very slim.

The other method of becoming pregnant is through artificial insemination. This is where a man’s sperm is introduced into the woman’s reproductive tract by means other than sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination is a method mostly used by a couple who cannot conceive naturally, women who are in lesbian relationships, women who’d like to have kids without actually having sex, or single women who are interested in having kids but not a life partner. Artificial insemination is an invasive procedure and usually requires professional guidance. By the way, a pregnancy achieved through artificial insemination is no different from the one achieved through sexual intercourse.


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