6 good cardio workouts for women

Good Cardio Workouts for Women

Cardio workouts are exercises that target the heart. They work to increase your heart rate, therefore helping you burn the most fat and calories. Cardio workouts are so beneficial in that they help to lose weight, expand your lung capacity, lower stress and anxiety, enhance your sleep, strengthen your heart, reducing the risk of heart disease as a result, and also improve your sex life. The following are some of the best exercises that you can do both at home and at the gym:


If you spend so much time sitting in the office or at home, make it a routine to take walks. You can do this in the mornings, evenings, or the weekends. A simple 30 minutes’ walk to the park or just around the neighbourhood will work just fine. If you spend your day working in the office, you can opt to take the stairs instead of the lift throughout the day. Walking also helps to relieve period cramps and clear your mind in case you have a lot going on.



If you can, going for morning or evening jogs can be helpful. You can do this around your neighbourhood, on the treadmill at the gym or even jog on the spot in your living room space.


This is definitely one of the most challenging exercises since it combines three different workouts; jumps, squats and push-ups. While doing this exercise, you are burning fats from your entire body and working on multiple muscles too. As a beginner, you can start with 2 sets of 10 reps each, resting for 30 seconds in between reps.

Walking/running up the stairs

Walking or running up the stairs is effective because while doing it, you are lifting your body against gravity, therefore increasing the intensity of said workout. Depending on whether you are going up or down the stairs, you will be targeting different muscles. Also, doing this while on your period will help relieve period cramps.

Skipping rope

All you need to effectively do this workout is a jumping rope, comfortable shoes and a little space. It helps to improve coordination and also elevates your heart rate. For beginners, warm up with 10 jumps, jump continuously for 1.5 minutes, rest for 15 seconds, repeat. Complete 3 sets and advance with time.

Mountain climbers

This is a full body workout as it targets every muscle group of the body.


Mostly offered in gyms but there are also helpful videos of the same on YouTube in case you want to work out from home. Aerobics also target each muscle group in the body and is actually an interesting workout.
Other types of cardio exercises are cycling, swimming, squat jumps, jumping jacks and rollbacks.






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