Sleep In The Second Trimester

8 Tips for Better Sleep in the Second Trimester

Despite feeling slightly more well-adjusted during your second trimester compared to the first trimester, you could be contending with sleep issues in your pregnancy.

What is the best sleeping position in the second trimester?

As in the first trimester, the SOS (sleep on your side) position is your safest bet. Turning to your left also has the added benefit of promoting kidney blood flow and nourishing your placenta.

Enhance comfort by placing a pillow between your legs and bending at the knees. If you suffer from back pain, try slipping a pillow underneath your back and abdomen. This should relieve some pressure on your lower back.

What if I wake up sleeping on my right side or back?

Not to worry, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping on your right side. Although it’s not recommended, sleeping on your back is unlikely to cause any serious trauma to your baby. Simply readjust and go back to sleep.

8 tips for a good night’s sleep in the second trimester

Promote restful sleep at the halfway point of your pregnancy by adopting the following healthy habits:

1. Eat small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

2. Steer clear of fried, acidic, or spicy foods, especially close to bedtime, to prevent heartburn. (A pregnancy support pillow that elevates your upper body might also do the trick.)

3. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day unless your doctor suggests otherwise.

4. Engage in relaxing activities such as listening to music or taking a warm shower.

5. Create a personal bedtime routine and stick to it.

6. Get plenty of sleep — 8 hours a night is recommended during your second trimester.

7. Turn off your TV, phone, and other devices 1 to 2 hours prior to sleeping.

8. If nightmares are keeping you up, consider discussing them with a specialist.







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