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How to keep your gym clothes odour free

We all know that gym clothes odour is a big problem. You just put them in the bag and leave them at home, but when you go to the gym, you realize that they smell so badly. What can you do? There are some ways to fix that issue, but if you really want the best solution, we have one for you!

gym clothes for women
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Gym Clothes for Women

Gym clothes are an important part of your workout, but you can do it without making it too complicated. In fact, there are simple ways to make the clothes last longer and stay fresh. So if you have some questions about gym clothes for women, let’s check them out.

1. Put a dryer sheet inside your pocket: First of all, if you want your gym clothes to stay fresh after a workout, don’t forget to put a dryer sheet inside your pocket. It will help in the following ways:

  • Removing odors from sweat
  • Avoiding odor retention on the clothing
  • Preventing stains on the cloth from sweat
  • Preventing mold and mildew from forming on the fabric
  • Clean and fresh clothes that you always want to have.

If you want, you can buy a pack of dryer sheets and put them inside your gym clothes bag. This way, you will have them with you at all times.

2. Use a fragrance-free detergent: Another important tip about gym clothes for women is that they shouldn’t be exposed to too much odor and sweat. This is why you should always use a scent-free detergent to wash your gym clothes. When it comes to the kind of detergents that should be used, we suggest one that is free from chemicals and fragrances. For example, the brand Bounce.

3. Wash the clothes at low temperatures: If you want your clothes to last longer, wash them in cold water and only with a detergent that is free of chemicals. Also, don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets inside your gym clothes bag because they contain chemicals that could dry out your clothes and stain them as well. To learn more about how to make gym clothes last longer, check out our guide here: how long should my gym clothes last?

4. Wash your clothes in the washing machine: Another way to keep your gym clothes clean and fresh is to wash them inside the washing machine. If you wash them at home, you can just dry them outside. However, when it comes to the washing machine, you need to remember that there are no machines that can clean your gym clothes better than a washer. In fact, it is the best way to maintain your clothes and also save time for other activities that you want to do. You can learn more about it here: washing your gym clothes inside the washing machine

5. Use a dryer sheet on damp clothes: If you are going to a gym, you probably won’t have much time to dry your clothes, so you will need a dryer sheet. This way, your sweaty gym clothes will stay fresh and also not smell bad. It can prevent from mold and mildew forming on the clothes as well.

6. Use a dryer sheet inside your gym clothes bag: Another way to make your gym clothes last longer is to use a dryer sheet in the bag where you keep them. This way, they will stay fresh for longer and won’t become so dirty. To learn more about how long should my gym clothes last, read our guide here: how long should my gym clothes last?

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7. Use anti-odor sprays: If you want your workout clothes to be fresh and smell clean, you should invest in anti-odor sprays. This way, you will have them with you at all times so they won’t smell. You can find them at local drugstores or online.

8. Let your clothes hang out to dry: If your gym clothes get too dirty or are in bad shape, don’t throw them away immediately; instead, hang them out to dry. This way, they will still be in good condition and you can wear them again after they have been washed.

9. Store your clothes in a closed space: You can also hang your clothes on a hanger to help them last longer. This way, if they get dirty or don’t fit well anymore, you can throw them away without damaging them at all.

10. Hang the towels outside: If you live in a hot environment, the towels that are inside your gym bag will be wet and may even become moldy. To prevent this, you can hang the towels outside so that they will stay dry and fresh.





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