How to not Get Pregnant

When I joined campus in 2015, it only took me a month to realize that female students were more scared of becoming pregnant than they were of contracting HIV. Shocking, right? I don’t think so. There is a lot of shame surrounding women who willingly choose to engage in sex, let alone those who become pregnant out of wedlock. So the fear of becoming pregnant is actually valid, me thinks. If you do not want to get pregnant, there are 3 simple ways of avoiding that.

The most effective way of not becoming pregnant is through abstinence. Abstaining is simply choosing not to have sex. This method has proven to be 100% effective and it has no expiry – it will serve you for as long as you want it to. Abstinence is an anthem that has been fed to us from when we were little kids and some people carry it into adulthood. If sex isn’t your cup of tea, then this method is the best one for you.

The second method of preventing pregnancy is through having sex with women – not men. Pregnancy can only occur if a man’s sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg and since women do not produce sperms, having sexual intercourse with a fellow woman is another sure way of not becoming pregnant. The only problem is that we live in an uptight society which criminalizes homosexuality.

If you are a sexually active woman in a heterosexual relationship, the other way of not becoming pregnant is being in a relationship with a man who actually loves you, one who respects your body and most importantly, one who understands that it is 100% his responsibility to make you pregnant. If you have such a man, then he won’t impregnate you if you don’t want to become pregnant.

Not your usual article which talks about using different methods of contraceptives as a means to prevent pregnancy but there you have it. These are the only 3 simple ways that I can think of to prevent one from becoming pregnant.