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How to use yoni pops

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We don’t hear much about vaginas being in the news, but recently we have seen a spate of articles about ‘Yoni Oil’, ‘Yoni Pops’, and even ‘Yoni Pearls’ that are being sold on the internet as health products to women.
Yoni Pops is a new and innovative way to cleanse your vagina naturally. They are designed to stimulate blood flow, improve vaginal health, increase sexual pleasure and help women achieve orgasmic bliss.

“Yoni” is a word that comes from Hinduism and is used to describe the vulva and vagina. The yoni oils, yoni pops, and pearls sold by different sellers make a variety of claims regarding the benefits of their particular blends. These products are marketed as promoting ‘freshness’, moisturizing, adding a hint of freshness to the vaginal area, and even supporting vaginal health according to some.

What is yoni pops?

Yoni Pops are marketed as specially formulated herbal extracts infused into a cooling gel formula that helps restore vaginal moisture, boost libido and promote overall wellness. The unique design allows them to stay inside the vagina longer than other forms of lubricants, allowing for deeper penetration and increased stimulation.

What are yoni pearls?

In essence, Yoni pearls can be thought of as herbal tampons, vaginal teabags, vaginal detox pearls, or cleansing pearls. In general, Yoni pearls can be considered a vaginal tea bag. This is a bundle of cloth-wrapped herbs sold as vaginal or uterine cleansers and detoxifiers, which are intended to be used in the vaginal area.

Why you should NOT use Yoni Pops, Yoni oils, or Yoni pearls

My recommendation for women who are interested in maintaining their vulva or vaginal health would be to stay away from anything that has not been prescribed by a reliable and certified healthcare professional, such as a pharmacist, a doctor, a nurse, or a gynecologist, on, in, or around their vulva or vagina.

The reason for this is the fact that the vagina has a very delicate eco-system made up of millions of micro-organisms that are perfectly balanced to ensure the health of your vagina. There are certain bacteria that are helpful for us, such as Lactobacillus, which keeps the pH of the vaginal area slightly acidic, so that it can be protected from harmful bacteria, such as those that could cause an infection.

Any kind of product that is inserted into the vagina could upset this incredible echo system, causing an imbalance to occur, and this could lead to the development of symptoms such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), which can be quite painful.

What can you use instead of Yoni pearls, yoni pops, or Yoni oils?

At the end of the day, the best alternative to Yoni pearls, oils, and pops is going to depend on “why” you are reaching for or researching these pearls, oils, or pops in the first place. Could it be that you are experiencing a chronic yeast infection, unusual discharge, bacterial vaginosis, or any other lasting symptoms that may be affecting your health?

Gersh advises those with such concerns to seek out the help of an obstetrician-gynecologist, or an OB-GYN, instead.

It will be your doctor’s responsibility to prescribe any medication that can help clear up the underlying cause of your symptoms.

According to Gersh, doctors may be able to recommend a probiotic that will support the health of your vagina, as well as take a look at whether the underwear and sports clothing you are wearing will be less irritating for you.


What are the potential side effects or risks?

According to Felice Gersh, a Medical Doctor and author of Naturally, Restore Your Rhythms, Hormones, and Happiness, there is no research that has been done that shows that any of the vaginal(Yoni) pearls, Yoni Pops, Yoni oils, or the herbs that are present in them, are good for the vaginal tissues or the uterus.

Therefore, it is difficult for us to be certain what the side effects of using these yoni pearls, yoni pos will be, or how bad they will be long-term if used regularly. Despite this, there is reason to believe that yoni pearls, yoni pops, or even yoni oils might be able to affect the vaginal microbiome, killing off the antibiotic-fighting bacteria as well as creating a hospitable environment for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

According to Gersh, in its most healthy state, the vagina is optimally equipped to help you fight off sexually transmitted infections, helping you stay healthy. It is reasonable to believe by now that, as a result of removing healthy vaginal bacteria from the vaginal environment and killing healthy vaginal bacteria, the risk of transmission has gone up.

Gray and green discharges are also common side effects. It is worth noting that many yoni pearls come with a pair of panty liners that are used to “collect” the discharge that follows. Folks, this is a red flag!

Streicher explains that when you use something like yoni pops in your vagina and begin to notice gray discharge after removing it, this is a sign that you’re actively damaging the vaginal lining by introducing something like this to that area. In addition to being a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology, Lauren Streicher, MD, is also a published author, who has written a book entitled “Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever.”

Therefore, funky discharge is not an indication that they worked, but rather an indication that your vagina is irritated and that it may possibly be infected.

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