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How to Sleep Comfortably During the Third Trimester

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In terms of sleep, the last few months of pregnancy might be the toughest of all. At this point, the baby bump has grown so large, that it’s difficult to find good sleep positions in the third trimester that are comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep.

What are the best sleep positions in the third trimester?

The best sleep position is SOS (sleep on your side). Although lying on the left side is the sleep position of choice, it’s OK to sleep on the right side if it feels better. Sleeping on the left side increases the blood flow to the placenta and to the baby. Sleeping on the side also helps with relieving back pain, hemorrhoids, reflux, and shortness of breath.

Placing a pillow underneath the baby bump, around the hips and pelvis, and between the knees can provide additional comfort. There are many different types of pillows on the market — find one that best suits you. Sleeping with the upper body at a slight incline may be helpful for those who are experiencing reflux or heartburn.

5 tips for a good night’s sleep in the third trimester

Just as we have seen the need for sleep in the first trimester and second trimester, you ought to promote restful sleep in the final months of pregnancy by adopting the following healthy habits:

1. Be extra careful to avoid sleeping on your back during these late stages of pregnancy.

2. Invest in a pregnancy support pillow, if you haven’t already done so.

3. When a leg cramp strikes, straighten out your leg and flex your foot upwards.

4. Sleep on a slight incline and avoid triggering foods to help with reflux.

5. Battle insomnia with good sleep habits. Try relaxing bed routines like picking up a good book, taking a warm shower, or writing in your journal.

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