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5 Unhealthy Fast Foods to avoid

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It is obvious that fast foods consumption has skyrocketed over the years, most probably because fast food restaurants offer a quick fix to the needs of your tummy. As compared to traditional “sit-in” restaurants where you have to wait for your ordered meal to be cooked, fast food restaurants usually have frozen, precooked, or preheated meals on the go, and customers are served with their ordered meals within minutes or even seconds. Also, junk food is delicious – so it isn’t hard to find yourself going back for more whenever you are hungry.

Fast foods however, contain a lot of carbohydrates, added sugar, and fat. If consumed in high quantities, fast foods pose a major threat to one’s health. Some of the health risks associated with high consumption of fast foods are: obesity, type-2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The following are some of the fast foods that you should minimize or even avoid altogether:

french fries - 5 Unhealthy Fast Foods

French fries. Although potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, fries are typically made using refined oils which can make them sources of unhealthy fats. They also contain a lot of fat and salt. Overconsumption of fries increases the risk of being faced with cardiovascular diseases later in life.

Soft drinks. Most people prefer accompanying their meals with a drink and in most times, the drink is usually a soft drink. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and fructose. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver so taking too much of it will only overload your liver. As a result, the liver will turn the fructose into fat, increasing your risk of becoming overweight or developing type-2 diabetes. Also, soft drinks have no nutritional value.

Burgers - 5 Unhealthy Fast Foods

Burgers. The beef patty contains a lot of calories and unsaturated fat. Other people prefer adding other processed meats like bacon to their burgers. Overconsumption of these products further increases your risk of developing some certain types of cancers like bowel cancer.

Milkshakes. The main components of a milkshake – ice cream and whipped cream – all contain a high amount of fat. Some milkshakes will come with extra toppings like cookies, which only increases the amount of fat in one serving.

milkshakes - 5 Unhealthy Fast Foods

Chicken. The chicken prepared in fast food restaurants are mostly prepared using hydrogenated oils which adds a lot of unsaturated fat to your diet. If prepared correctly though, chicken can be a rich source of protein.

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