periods and cycle

Periods & Cycle

Periods are an important part of every woman’s life. They are a time when your body releases ovum (eggs) and allows your uterus to shed its lining. This process is called menstruation.

How long is a cycle period?

There are many things to know about menstruation. The first is that most women have a period every 28 days, what is known as the menstrual cycle. However, this varies from woman to woman. The average period lasts about 3 to 4 days.

What happens on your periods?

The second thing to know is that periods are not the same for everyone. Some women have heavy periods that lasts for a few days, while others have light periods that last for a few hours. And still others have no periods at all.

The third thing to know is that you can’t predict when your period will start. Sometimes it can start as early as days before your period is supposed to start, and other times it can’t start until a few days after it’s supposed to start.