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Signs of Labour

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Knowing when you are going into labour may be a difficult thing to establish especially if it is your first pregnancy. The following signs of labour could be an indicator that your baby is about to come out:

Baby “drops”

For first time moms, your baby will ‘drop’ into your pelvis 2-4 weeks before labor kicks in. In later births, the baby will drop when you actually go into labor. It isn’t usually easy to notice when your baby drops especially if you had a low baby bump throughout your pregnancy. You may start to feel more pressure and pain on your pelvic though. More pressure on the pelvic region means increased back pains and frequent urination. Also, you may notice a change in your gait and may appear as if you are waddling.

Increased back pain

When a baby drops, its head is most likely to be pressing against the mother’s spine. You will be feeling constant pain around the abdomen but will be more concentrated on your back. This pain will be referred to as “back labor” if it intensifies and is one sure sign that your labor is approaching.

Cervix dilation

Weeks before delivery, your cervix will start to open up in preparation for your baby. When this happens, a thick discharge follows as the cervix thins out too. During pregnancy, your cervix is usually plugged up with mucus that protects your baby against infections but as you approach labor, the cervix begins to thin out and the accumulated mucus starts to come out. It comes out as a brown discharge.

Loosened joints

Throughout your pregnancy, your ovary and placenta produce a hormone called Relaxin that is responsible for relaxing the ligaments in the pelvis. This relaxation translates to other joints all over your body and they will feel less tight. You may also become a little bit clumsier.

Stronger, more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions

You will be feeling these contractions throughout your pregnancy but when they become more frequent and stronger, then you know labor is approaching.


Your body muscles are generally relaxed and this includes the muscles in your rectum too. Well, this means frequent diarrhea.

Your water breaks

This is the surest sign that you may be going into labor. Once your water breaks, you may go into labor within hours, days or even weeks. If your water breaks and you fail to go into labor, it may have to be induced since the absence of amniotic fluid puts the baby at risk of getting infections.

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