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4 Early pregnancy symptoms: how do I know when I’m pregnant?

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4 Early pregnancy symptoms
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It might seem like common sense but you still need to be aware of the signs before you can get an early pregnancy test.

The first early pregnancy symptoms are very common and are usually just a side effect of the normal changes that take place during your period. While some women experience more than one sign, others only have one or two, so make sure to check in with your doctor about how to know when you’re pregnant.

The first early pregnancy symptom is a missed period

Your period is supposed to happen every month — it’s just like clockwork. If it’s not there, ask yourself if you know what time it is (is there a time change?). Is anything out of the ordinary going on that might be affecting your cycle? Stress can cause changes in our cycles but don’t worry; if you think something might have changed or something isn’t “right”, let your doctor know. It’s also possible that something like the flu or other illness could be affecting your cycle — talk with your doctor about getting tested for an STI, including HIV.

You might notice a small, tender, or sore feeling in your lower stomach area that goes away when you move. This is nothing to worry about as this can be common during pregnancy and usually disappears around 13 weeks. Some women feel a little pressure in their pelvis which is not unusual at this time. If you’re concerned about this or other early pregnancy signs, talk to your doctor.

You may have some bleeding between periods that’s unusual for you — sometimes there can be spotting and sometimes not, it really depends on the woman. Most women have at least some spotting as they get closer to the first trimester — again, just make sure to check with your doctor if anything changes. There may also be irregularity in blood flow through the cervix before 12 weeks. Women who are having problems with spotting or bleeding can also use an early pregnancy test to see if there is any abnormal blood flow.

You may have other early pregnancy symptoms you’ve never had before, and the severity of these will depend on what stage in your pregnancy you are at. If you have early pregnancy symptoms and/or bleeding, make sure to ask your doctor if something else might be going on — for instance, if you’re a new mom or if there’s anything going on with your baby’s growth. Other things to check with your doctor include whether you are having any unusual body aches and pains, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to this whole period business so make sure to talk with your doctor about whether an early pregnancy test makes sense for you at this time. They can usually give advice based on the specific early pregnancy symptoms that are coming up for you at that particular time. It’s important to remember that no one else can tell whether you’re pregnant except you and your partner — so if it seems like you might be, please talk to your doctor about getting tested.


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