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Early Signs of Pregnancy

by Archie
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If you are a sexually active woman, I’m sure you’ve had a pregnancy scare at least once. Remember that one time you got into a heated moment with that handsome dude and your pants just couldn’t calm tf down? So you decided to reach out for your stack of condoms but realized you forgot to pack them when you changed your bag?

It’s ovulation week and girl, those eggs aren’t out to play. They are more than ready to be fertilized and are begging you to beg him to hit it. What to do? You decide to go raw. It isn’t the first time you’re having unprotected sex and you’re sure he’s gonna pull out coz he isn’t ready to be a father, right? Wrong!

This is one of those magical moments when both of you achieve your climax at the same damn time and at this moment, you honestly don’t even want him to pull out because that means leaving you high and dry. Nope, you don’t want that. So you lock your feet around his waist and let him splash all his seeds inside of you as you experience your own orgasm. 30 seconds later, you both lie next to each other, panting and smiling sheepishly, reminiscing over the few minutes of intense pleasure you both experienced. But this doesn’t last long before post-nut clarity starts to kick in. #PanicModeActivated.

Am I Pregnant?

Fast-forward to a month later when you realize your period is 2 weeks late. The number one sign of pregnancy clearly shows. You contemplate on getting a pregnancy test kit from your trusted pharmacy but naah, you decide to give your period a few more days to make its grand arrival. Before the 3rd week elapses, you notice some changes in how your breasts feel. They become sore and a little bit more sensitive. At this moment, you are kinda hopeful because that could mean your period is coming. So you wait. And wait. And wait.

As you wait, you start feeling tired. Not tired of waiting for your period; just tired. You go to the shop to get some groceries and when you get back you don’t even feel like doing any other thing. So you rest kiasi on your sofa and drift to sleep. On a closer look, you realize that you’ve been taking one too many naps recently, and fatigue is kinda your daily portion now. The thought of getting a pregnancy test kit crosses your mind for the second time coz you are now 70% sure you could be pregnant. But again, you push that thought at the back of your mind kabisaaa! You didn’t see that coming and this time, more than ever, you want your assumptions to be wrong – you even try to convince yourself that it’s all in the head but nature has its own way of announcing its dominance.

So guess what? You start experiencing morning sickness. Nausea that is sometimes accompanied by vomiting becomes a regular thing. You wake up in the morning feeling unwell and at times this progresses even into the day.

Newsflash: there could be a bun in your oven. You know these are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy, right? So babygirl, just do yourself a favour and go get that test kit already.

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