Things to Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy sex is a safe, pleasurable way of de-stressing and bonding with your partner. In most cases, it is totally safe to have sex during pregnancy until the end of your last trimester, the third trimester.

Contrary to what you may have heard, sex does not affect your baby. In a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, the fetus is well-protected by amniotic fluid and a mass of muscles. Furthermore, the mucus plug in the cervix protects against infection.

Changes in sex drive during pregnancy

While some women may notice an increased sex drive at this time, others may feel like avoiding it completely.

During pregnancy, a surge of sex hormones (primarily estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) increase blood flow to your pelvis. It also enhances vaginal lubrication and heightens sensitivity, which could translate to quicker sexual arousal.

However, morning sickness, fatigue, and sudden weight gain may have a negative effect on sex drive. The same can be said of the often psychologically overwhelming nature of pregnancy.

Oral sex during pregnancy

It is safe to engage in oral sex during pregnancy with a monogamous partner who is free of STDs such as genital herpes and oral infections (Herpes labialis, or cold sores, for example). A word of caution, however — do not allow your partner to forcibly blow air into your vagina, which might create an extremely rare but serious condition. An air bubble could form in the bloodstream and lead to an embolism.

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