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Benefits of Treadmills in the 21st Century

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Benefits of Treadmills in the 21st Century
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A treadmill is an exercising machine, consisting of a continuous moving belt on which you walk, jog or run. Treadmills are known for their versatility as you can easily adjust options to suit whatever it is you want to achieve from your workout. Depending on whether you want to walk, jog or run, a treadmill allows you to adjust the speed to your preference. Before you include the treadmill in your workout plan, it is good to know its benefits:

It monitors your heart rate

It is impossible to keep track of your heart rate on your own while doing regular exercises. For your heart to receive the most benefits from your workout, you need to maintain its rate at a proper intensity level. You may subject your heart to danger if your heart rate is too high or if it goes too low, you won’t achieve much from your exercise. You can easily monitor your heart rate on the treadmill since they come with in-built heart rate monitoring systems that enable you to track your progress.

treadmills monitors your heart rate

Working on the treadmill lowers bad cholesterol and heightens the good one, thus keeping your arteries clear of fatty blockages. For people suffering from high blood pressure, working out on the treadmill strengthens your heart, which lowers your blood pressure as a result.
Treadmills are safe and convenient

Unlike regular terrain, treadmills have padded surfaces that decrease impact on your feet and protect you from injury. This is more helpful for people who are overweight or with knee problems. With a treadmill, you also reduce your chances of tripping while running. Having a treadmill at home will enable you to work out at your most convenient times and if you like privacy while working out, then it’s got you covered.

Improves mental health

Your brain produces high amounts of endorphins – natural chemical compounds that make you feel happy – while running. Working out on the treadmill on a regular basis can greatly assist in lifting your mood. Being in a great mood positively impacts on your mental health and will even motivate you to keep on working out, generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You are in control

One of the best things about working out on the treadmill is that you are completely in control of what’s happening. You can adjust the speed to your liking and even customize a workout plan to suit your needs.

Kills boredom

As compared to jogging or running outdoors where you have to be extremely alert to avoid bumping into other people, tripping or even being knocked by an oncoming vehicle, a treadmill gives you the freedom to use your phone, listen to music or even read a book/magazine while working out.

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