Stretching Exercises

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretches of the muscle groups to be exercised during physical training should be performed following a warm-up. dynamic stretches should not be jerky movements. in fact, any slow controlled movement that simulates the activity to be performed, executed for approximately 2seconds is sufficient. Some suggested dynamic exercises are provided below



Static stretching

Most of the benefits derived from flexibility training are obtained with a consistent,post-exercise, static stretching program. The stretching that is performed following exercise on one day helps to prepare the muscles for the next day’s exercise session.

The following stretches can be incorporated into a post-exercise stretching program by selecting 1-3 stretches for each anatomical location listed.

Remember to balance the front of the body with the back-eg hip extensors with hip flexors, hamstrings with quadriceps. Select more stretches for those body areas exercised eg legs after a run, shoulders after a swim. Perform 2-5 repetitions per stretch, hold for 15-30 seconds then relax for 10-15 seconds. Note: these stretches are all no count exercises.